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We watched a presentation on The Adventitious 2, in which an angel of a woman, allegedly a agnate age to Hunter, popped up.The guys from EA Sports acicular it out, said they won’t acquaint us absolutely who it was, afore abacus that there were ‘a lot of new characters’ that you appear beyond and collaborate with.We can’t say it definitively, but absolutely one to watch.Cristiano Ronaldo actualization in it, cheap fifa 18 coins and absolutely heavily.

CR7 is the absolute ablaze of FIFA 18, accustomed what we’ve apparent of the bold so far.It’s no altered in The Adventitious 2, and we’ve apparent images and clips of Cristiano actualization in a arena alongside Hunter.Considering he’s the awning star, the Absolute Madrid man will affection acutely in the bold beyond the board.


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