Easco this division at Complete Madrid got the befalling to play is not much, this easco I said that if the case, he will seek out: "I will not seek out in the winter, because I will not accord fifa 17 coins in so easily, but if at the end of the division is still not changed, afresh I would acquire to accede the choice. I'm alone 24 and if I don't get the adventitious to start,I'm abiding I'll anticipate about traveling to the added side."

I accept I will be successful, if not in Complete Madrid, that is in added places. I am actual blessed at Complete Madrid, but the players wish to accomplish progress, so I will not be abashed to leave here.The endure cheap fifa 17 coins bold was to amusement Bernabeu easco booing fans, said: "this easco let me actual sad to apprehend the boos, but Bernabeu admirers are actual strict, they even C Ronaldo and others will be hush, hush."

I will not change my actualization because this is my boo, characteristics, it is this actualization brought me to complete madrid.Easco does not accept that Zidane was arbitrary to him: "Zidane is not arbitrary to me. Beneath Ancelotti I am not the complete capital force, in Benitez and Zidane beneath fut 17 coins the same, I apperceive that this is my own problem."

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